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Horse Products

Horses Eating Feed

A-No.-1 Brand Horse Feed

Sweet Feed

A versatile textured, sweet feed. Packaged in 50 lb. and 100 b. bags. 9% Protein, 3% Fat, 8% Fiber.

Rope-n-Ride Pellets

An all pellet feed, for peak performance of the active horse. Packaged in 50 lb. bags. 12% Protein, 3% Fat, 6.5% Fiber.


15% Horse Pellets

An all pellet feed for those wanting a higher protein ration. Packaged in 50 lb. bags. 15% Protein, 2% Fat, 7% Fiber.

Calf Grower

This textured sweet feed is great for horses too! Packaged in 50 lb. and 100 lb. bags. 14.5% Protein, 3% Fat, 8.5% Fiber.

Horse in a field

Senior Horse Feed

A textured sweet feed formulated for the nutritional needs of the mature horse, but can be fed to horses of all ages. Contains beet pulp and biotin. Packaged in 50 lb. bags. 13% Protein, 10% Fat, 9% Fiber.

Horse Wormers




DuraFend Multi Species Wormer

Horse and Colt

Fly Control


Brute Pour-On

Permethrin Concentrate


R.O.L. Block - Fly Control Blocks. Available in 50 lb. and 200 lb. blocks.


Also Available

Free Choice Horse Minerals - Provides key minerals and vitamins. Packaged in 25 lb. bags.

Plain White and Trace Mineral Salt Blocks - 4 lb. and 50 lb. sizes.

Flax Seed - A high fat supplement to add to feed for weight gain and additional energy. Packaged in 50 lb. bags.

Recleaned White Oats - Packged in 50 lb. bags.

Wheat Brain - Packaged in 80 lb. bags.

Beet Pulp - Packaged in 40 lb. bags.

Alfalfa - We have this in meal and pellet form. Packaged in 50 lb. bags.

We also have horse liniment and leather cleaner for saddles.

Customized feeds available in lots of 1 ton or more.



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