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Big Spring Mill is a small, family owned feed and flour mill. We are located in Elliston, Virginia, between Roanoke and Blacksburg.

We manufacture many types of animal feeds, including dairy, swine, poultry, and equine feeds. We offer our products bagged or delivered by bulk trucks. We can also manufacture feeds in ton-lots according to your specifications. We also have bulk commodities available including #2 yellow corn, oats, feed-grade wheat, white oats, and 47.5% protein soybean meal. Call the office (540-268-2267) to place your order for bulk delivery.  Please note that we do not accept credit or debit cards. Cash and checks only.

Our flour and cornmeal products are gourmet quality. We manufacture small batches of plain flour, self-rising flour, plain and self-rising white cornmeal, a cornmeal mix (with flour and sugar added), and our famous seasoned flour. The seasoned flour is a local favorite. It is used to coat meats such as chicken, venison, and pork.

Please call for us for further information or to place your order.